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The FRONT SHOT at JFK that hit him in the THROAT

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Z 225

A comprehensive analysis of the front shot that caused President John F. Kennedy’s throat wound

   Anthony E. DeFiore


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 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

                                                            AN INTRODUCTION

               And then it hits you.  It doesn’t just hit you.  It slams you.  You see it.  You see it all too clearly.  It’s like a two by four to your face.   And that was exactly what they intended to do to him.  They did not intend to kill him or to remove him from office.  No, death was already at his doorstep and poison would have been too sophisticated and European.  No, what they intended to do was to absolutely obliterate his head from his shoulders.  To eradicate it, annihilate it, expunge it, extirpate it ~ To wipe his head off the face of the earth.  His entire head.  To have his head explode with such horrific intensity as if it were a tumultuous volcano of blood, flesh and brain matter strewn into the afternoon Dallas sun…and all over his wife.  It was to be done with bullets, gun powder and rifle blasts while drowning his wife in terror and horror for many years to come.  It was done with ignorant calumny and rage of sociopaths until nothing remained but scattered brain debris, a crimson drenched dress and caked pools of blood for the entire world to see.  No, they didn’t just intend to kill this young smile and grace from our lives and thrust it into our history in the blink of an eye.  No, they were sending a message with the blunt force of a sledge hammer to a cantaloupe.  For all to see, For all to be served notice, For all to remember.  Change will not come in a lightning bolt of energy, certainty and vigor.  Change will be delayed, or if it is even possible, it will be brutally silenced.  And then he was gone.  He was gone to the stars of our minds, to our dreams, to our hopes and aspirations, to our better selves.  No matter how drastically flawed and weak an individual he was personally.  In the end, he was our last President.      ~    Anthony E. DeFiore

Author’s Note:

In this paper, important references are used to analyze the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  More specifically, the shot fired at his front throat.   

First, on many occasions, a reference will be made to the Zapruder Film where it will be listed as the letter Z and the frame number, i.e. Z213 or Z 213 for Zapruder Film Frame 213.  It may also be seen as “Z film”, etc.  Also, the range of film frames from Z207 to Z224/225 is used exclusively in this paper because it is the moment that the President went behind the Stemmons Freeway Sign in the Zapruder Film to the approximate moment that he emerged from behind the sign.  The use of other reference frames Z186, Z200 & Z202 (Z202 from Willis photo #5) are used to augment this paper’s analysis of this range.  

Second, the use of colored lines and geometric figures on many of the photographs in this paper are used to prove factual analytical points.  Some of the lines and figures are not a perfect representation.  Illustrating lines and figures to diagram three dimensions onto two dimensional photographs is many times impossible.  However, their use is not to be discounted.  In many instances, these lines and figures are indeed perfect if not near perfectly correct.  I have tried to point out any of these discrepancies throughout this paper.  I welcome any constructive criticism. 

The aim of this paper is to prove that a gun shot, most probably a rifle shot, from the South Knoll Area of Dealey Plaza hit President John F. Kennedy in his throat as the projectile came through his limousine’s windshield.  If some of the colored lines and geometric figures are approximate in this paper, it does not take away from proving this factual point.  In many cases, the evidence presented calls for more investigation to be done.   Where the discrepancy between an approximation and a point to be made is obvious or too close to call, I have questioned the use of the colored lines and figures myself.  I have not, however, relinquished a point of fact that is proven by an approximate line or figure.  The strength of this paper is that in many instances an approximation is so compelling that it proves a factual point.  I again welcome all constructive criticism regarding the use of lines and geometric figures.  I also am asking for any suggestions for the use of better software.  

Also, throughout this paper, when viewing photographs, it is specifically noted as being either to the left or right of the reader or from the left or right view of an individual or position located or seen in the photograph.  I have taken great lengths to note the Point of View (POV) of either the reader or the (POV) of the image, position or individual in a photograph.  If any confusion persists when viewing a photo or diagram, I extend my apologies and request any input from readers.

Finally, two points: First, all references to the African American Man, Black Man, Black Dog Man image, BDM or Man Three are referring to the same individual or image.  Second, the use of the Willis 5 & Betzner 3 Photos may be confusing because they are similar photos, but not the same.

This paper will present both factual and logical proof that a projectile, most probably a bullet, was shot at President John Fitzgerald Kennedy from his front left (his POV) as he rode in a limousine along the 400 Block of Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.  This front shot was taken by a sniper from the South Knoll Area of Dealey Plaza.  The shot came through the front windshield of the Presidential Limousine at the immediate left of the rearview mirror (from the President’s POV) as The President travelled in his limousine down Elm Street at Zapruder Film frame Z 225 or possibly at an earlier point in the Zapruder film.   This paper will examine the Zapruder Film frames from Z206/207 to Z 224/225.  The very instance of the President being hit in the front throat area occurred at the designated range of these frames.

At first, in our research, we are presented with a film taken by Abraham Zapruder on that fateful day that is perhaps the single greatest piece of irrefutable evidence of an elected, public official’s murder in world history.  Had such a film been taken of any other assassination in history, all the murderers involved would have been immediately rooted out, convicted and punished to such a degree that assassinations may have been forever removed from the lexicon of political action...perhaps.  However, in the case of the Zapruder Film, due to the blatant manipulation, alteration and destruction of the film, we are left with only fragments of authentic photographic proof of President Kennedy’s murder.  At the precise moment of Zapruder Film frame 225, we are presented with either truth or fiction as to whether JFK is murdered by a conspiracy or a lone nut.  Both with the Zapruder Film frame 225 and in spite of it, this paper will prove that a bullet hit the President from his left front, and therefore, provide irrefutable evidence of a political assassination conspiracy.    

A thorough examination of the President’s throat wound was not conducted during his autopsy.  A comprehensive autopsy would have brought forth numerous pieces of evidence which may have included: bullet fragments, bullet residue, glass splinters, a conclusive bullet path and a complete study of the throat wound.  No further analysis of the President’s throat wound would have been required.  The front shot would have been proven.  Nevertheless, in spite of this fact, the doctor’s at both Parkland and Bethesda Naval Hospital did prove a front shot to the President.

In this paper, by analyzing the trajectories of the shots fired at the President, the time frame of the shots taken at him, witness position/testimony and the study of the President’s wounds, it becomes apparent that a front shot caused the President’s throat wound.  As we will come to see, the truth concerning this assassination was left on the Bethesda Naval Hospital autopsy room table. 

To conclude, the shot from the left front of President Kennedy (his POV) hit him in his throat.  The projectile entered the Presidential Limousine through the windshield fired from the South Knoll Area of Dealey Plaza.  Only one sniper location area could have provided the best vantage point for the front throat shot.  That location is the South Knoll Area of Dealey Plaza.


The following JFK Assassination Analysis begins with the absolute factual certainty that the single bullet theory (SBT) is a fraud.  To support the SBT, the Zapruder Film was nearly completely altered and distorted.  The SBT is a fraud due to the fact that by employing forensic analysis, the pristine “magic” bullet / Warren Commission Exhibit 399 cannot be the only bullet nor even the one single bullet that purportedly caused all the wounds to President Kenney and Governor Connally.  To even postulate that one undamaged bullet entered President Kennedy’s back and exited his throat, and then entered Governor John Connally’s body through his back, exiting his front chest, and then re-entering his wrist and exiting his wrist only then to enter his thigh causing seven wounds is absolutely preposterous. 

To the dedicated researchers who have rebuffed the claims of the single bullet theory, I applaud you.  I recommend to the reader to begin an exhaustive reading of the countless well documented presentations, articles, papers and books that prove the SBT fraud of the Warren Commission.  To this point, one “magic” bullet could have never inflicted the number of wounds that this so-called pristine bullet was supposed to inflict with so little damage to it. 

Additionally, the use of the Zapruder Film to prove the Single Bullet Theory in the Warren Report has afforded JFK Assassination Researchers the opportunity to definitively prove the conspiracy that killed President Kennedy.  While it may sound illogical that this could be possible, it is indeed true.  First, the Zapruder Film has irrefutable alterations and deletions (Please read The Great Zapruder Film Hoax, The Hoax of The Century and Murder in Dealey Plaza) that directly impact Z frames 207 to 313 and beyond.  These frames were altered and used in an attempt to prove the SBT.  In this author’s belief, changes were made to these Z frames to prove that three shots were taken at the limousine and to prove the SBT.  However, even by altering these numerous Z film frames, the portions of these Z frames that were left unaltered provide compelling evidence to prove the front throat shot and much more. Much like the Oswald photo on the cover of Life Magazine, there are many photographic truths of that photo of Oswald that were left unblemished that go on to prove the inaccuracy and falsification of the picture.  Similarly, the same type of unaltered truths found in the Z Film frames between Z207 to Z313 and beyond go a long way to prove the front shot to the President’s throat.

Further, while many aspects of the Z film are altered (whether to prove the Three Shot Theory, SBT or not), there are many portions of each frame from Z207 to Z313 that may have only been partially changed or modified.  Some frames may have not been changed at all.  These undamaged parts/segments include very small pieces of evidence that remain consistent throughout the entire Z Film and help to prove that a sniper was located at the South Knoll Area.  Finally, Z 225 is the sine quo non for this assassination.  Z 225 undeniably illustrates that the President was hit in the throat from his front left.  In the haste to prove the SBT with Zapruder Film alterations (that include Z225), irrefutable evidence is found in these Zapruder Film frames that prove the front shot to the President’s throat.  That shot came from the South Knoll Area of Dealey Plaza.

Governor John Connally is still not wounded in this film frame.