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Not to offend anyone, but things are in the wind concerning the south knoll shooter.
Background for you:

The South Knoll theame song, should be to old Gospil  'Dry Bones';     Cathedral Quartet         (google);_ylt=Ail8VsoekIAgnNcBNv9HJVi.ulI6?p=The+Hip+Bone+connect+to+the+leg+bone&type=2button&fr=ush-mailn

Well, things are moving.  ...   Tony stand behind what you know to be true...  and I will too.  .... Yes.  Sherry is a fine woman and a good investigator, well respected by her peers.  I too, have been in touch with her and so far the result has been extremely positive.   The South Knoll shooter is becoming an important topic, as we approach the 50th.  This can be attested to by the way and manner some in Dallas politics are trying to block the south knoll info from going public.  

I believe those in Dallas politics are blocking in sinister ways.  I do know from a sensitive source in the Dallas PD, that-- at this moment-- the Dallas political structure is in damage control mode.   It seems Dallas authorities are attempting to,  'duck and cover'  if a very embarrassing situation is exposed, that being the 'south knoll' and its 'alleged' shooter.  If the South Knoll shooter argument is validated, proving conspiracy, then old political scars of Dallas politics and its direct associated with the, so called, "Texas Syndicate" and  LBJ's Austin cronies, and the Chicago mob, dating from the forties through the 70'swould be documented and exposed for all to see.  As long as the main focus is on the federal government then Dallas is happy.

However, if certain information did get out into the mainstream media, serious question would be asked, "Who was the second shooter?"  'Where did he come from?'  'Who sent him?'  'Was he connected to Texas and Dallas politics, or direct from Chicago?'  'Was he army Intel operative from Florida?'  'Who in FBI worked Dallas politics?' These questions would lead to other questions, all a very embarrasing situation for old Dallas fathers and its 'new' current political structure. 

The old song "The Hip Bone Connected to the Leg Bone-- the Leg Bone connected to the ...." type analogy, perhaps would apply.  Heads would roll in Texas politics, starting with Dallas and into the federal level. It would spread like wildfires.  Now thats conspiracy talk, I know and I am not a conspiracy nut, as you know.  However, the South Knoll shooter could be the key that takes the  assassination of JFK in a whole different direction and ball game.  Of course the breed of researchers in the JFK cult community of today would never allow that to happen.  However, truth would trump that card.

Anyway... no big deal... you can use what you like in you blog concerning me.  The sooner this south knoll matter can be exposed and documented the better and safer for me.. it proves my past comments and postings and today that past information does protect me to some degree.  If I played a part in that and you feel-- in inside your being--then for the sake of truth print it.., so be it.  I'm ready for 'UM'.  

A good read today is Hit List by David Wayne and Richard Belzer, spring 2013.  It does cover a little background on Dallas PD' secret tactical unit of the 50's and 60's and Tippit.

Be safe.        later, Tosh
Tony. I have a few ideas for you that might help your project along.   What is your location?  Perhaps we can get together, that is if we are in the same area.  Anyway, If we can't get together then perhaps you can post some of the technical info I sent you in previous emails on your blog. You can use my name, if you think it would help.  However, tying in with me or this story will perhaps NOT help your credibility unless others come on board who know or feel they are dealing with truth and who know when this story and information was first presented to the public.  

This story of the south knoll has to be crushed into oblivion by the powers that be, for the sake of "National Security' .  By going public, we could then see who and what we flush out.  Its a long shot, but I feel its time, before I croak, for this story to come out from a source who "ALLEGEDLY", as they say, claims he was there on the south knoll that day. The JFK and the big 50 needs new material.  The old confusing ways and out right lies, are not working anymore. The proof is in the details and the documented, the 'before the fact' information which has been in the public domain for many years; presented by Plumlee and others. 

These facts concerning the 'south knoll shooter' were documented and presented before the fact long ago.  This was detailed info presented to law enforcement and the Senate, from a witness who 'allegedly' saw the President killed before his eyes.  I think if the info and timelines and secret classifications dates are established and the background info looked at objectively, in place of trying to destroy and discredit the source of the information, then that information would prove conspiracy and lead to the who's, whats, and whys in the JFK assassination.  Of course there are many who do not want to see this happen.  Some of these people are from the private sector as well as the State and Federal levels. The ego motivated maniacs, the  so called, 'JFK researcher community'  who play with wild, unsubstantiated, theories and rumors in hopes of establishing them as facts, use this story and others only for monetary gain in place of truth., some plant these falsehoods as factual. This is done  by various federal agency and personal.

 I respect the work of those who have taken up the challenge of the South Knoll Shooter.  I'm thinking about an article or a series of articles, title "That Day"...subtitle 'The military and CIA's Top Secret Operations in Dallas, 1963".  Its time to promote the fiction novel "Deep Cover Shallow Graves". The reason its fiction is because of National Security classified information, if done in first person, they would hang my ass. I can't release this information because it would be considered as "self serving" and done only to make money. That is not the case. I've never made a dime off this story, nor intend to.  Keep in mind, those who do come out and publicly support the south knoll event will also be discredited by the powers that be. 

 I would like to get a consensus and opinions from those who do support this south knoll shooters concept and go head to head with those, 'insiders', who want to bury the truth of that day in order to protect their political careers, or their heritage.   Its time.  And too, at this late date, it would perhaps protect me to some extent, because if something did happen to me, then the info before the fact would stand up and confirm the story and the events of that day.  Perhaps a petition would be in order as a test to see if there is interest.  Just a thought.

I feel if this story is released to the public, in the right format, then that will unravel the threads that will force the truth of that day to the surface for all to see.  Perhaps your work and others in this direction could be instrumental in balancing justice and truth.

Well.  Back to the Book, Deep Cover Shallow Graves.  Its coming along, although slow in spots.  Some of these chapters are really complicated and hard to write and tie in into a coherent, intelligent manner .  I'm still a little to close to all this and sometimes have to force myself to stay focus and write objectively.  However, I am trying to stay d factual, although in the fiction venue.  I hope you understand.

Your Thoughts?     later Tosh.

p.s.  ... you can post this email and others on you blog as sort of a notice, a teaser as to what might be coming down the pike, soon.  I think this approach might flush out some top players in the coverup as well as those who will attack the work.  Thats a 'gimmy'.

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As it is clear in Zapruder frame 305, Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman is touching his left cheek before the fatal head shots at Z 313.  As per noted author Vince Palamara, Secret Service Agents did not have ear pieces at the time (Croft photo confirms this point).  Kellerman was not talking on the limo radio either.  In my conclusion, IMHO, Kellerman is reacting to something that hit his cheek.  I believe that it was either fragments of bullet or glass from the front shot through the windshield.  What if it was a sonic shock wave sound that caused him to reach for his cheek or ear?  It would have been a very delayed reaction because he had already turned to his left and looked back at the President and SS Agent Greer who was driving and then faced forward again to touch his cheek?.  His reaction by touching his cheek or ear could have only come from a sonic shock wave caused by the front shot through the windshield.  Or it was caused by another shot taken at the President before Z313, which came from another sniper source other than Oswald, and it again proves a conspiracy.  Or was the sonic shock wave caused by the windshield exploding?  Sounding like a firecracker which 80 people claimed to hear in Dealey Plaza that day?

Add to this, Gil Jesus' photo analysis of Connally flinching to his left before turning to his right and being hit by a shot.  IMHO, Connally flinched to his left as a bullet went right over his left shoulder from the front shot through the windshield. Coupled with the reactions of JFK to the throat entrance wound, the testimony of the medical and other witnesses at Parkland and Bethesda to the throat entrance wound, we can add two people in the limousine reacting to the front shot through the limo windshield.

As a graduate of NYU with a masters in City Planning, I am applying for a City of Dallas permit for Dealey Plaza to conduct an experiment with a topographic laser.  Please write to me at to join me in this endeavor. 

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The bullet hole in the JFK limo is oval shaped with spider cracks coming from it (spider marks are pointing left and across windshield to the left) ALL LEFT AND RIGHT REFERENCES ARE ACCORDING TO THE READER'S POINT OF VIEW (POV). PHOTO IS LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.    This oval shaped bullet hole with spider markings pointing to the left resembles a comet streaking through the sky.  Similar to a comet, the oval appears to be moving to the right (north side of Elm Street) as the spider marks (tail of comet) follows.  To the naked eye, this bullet hole is obvious.  But, with the article below, the lateral direction (left or right) can be proven by the expanding oval shape moving to the right (to the north side of Elm Street) because of the degree of lateral inclination / cant.  The article below proves the direction of the left front shot from the South Knoll Area because the oval is expanding to the right and towards the north side of Elm Street.  A shot from behind the President would have created an oval shape expanding to the left or south side of Elm Street.  It does not look like that in this photo.

Consolidated Consultants Quarterly Newsletter Article: Spring 2010, Vol 6.
Lateral Angle Determination for Bullet Holes in Windshields
Written by Crime Scene Shooting Reconstruction Expert Witness

Abstract:Bullets passing through windshield glass (safety glass) typically produce oval-shaped holes due to the slant of the windshield. The direction of the shot is determined by examining the margins of the hole. The margins of both sides (entry and exit) will show some degree of concaveness, however the margins of the exit side will be more distinctly and more uniformly concave. When shots are fired through vehicle windshields, bullets frequently fragment. Attempting to equate the trajectory of a shot to the bullet hole in the windshield and the impact point of a fragment is unreliable. While it is certainly true that the trajectory is going to be best represented by the largest fragment (e.g. the bullet core), this is still only going to allow a rough approximation of the true trajectory to be made. As far as the lateral (side to side) trajectory is concerned, a more reliable technique results from using the degree of cant (inclination) of the long axis of the oval hole that is typically produced.
U.S. made automobile windshields consist of two sheets of plate glass with a piece of plastic sandwiched in between. This laminate is held together with adhesive. This design prevents injury from sharp ?sabers? of glass upon breakage, as in a vehicle accident.
Because of the laminate design, two things occur when a bullet passes through the windshield of an automobile: the glass holds together rather than falling out and the resultant bullet hole has somewhat irregular margins. Depending upon the bullet design, some degree of expansion will be produced upon impact with windshield glass. This produces a hole with a greater width than the bullet caliber. This effect tends to be irreproducible, thereby making width to length based vertical angle determinations unreliable.
The vertical angle of a bullet trajectory through windshield glass, along with other information (i.e. shooter height, weapon position, etc.) allows a determination to be made as to the approximate muzzle to target distance. If a bullet does not fragment, the secondary target impact point may be used to establish an approximate vertical trajectory angle. In numerous test firings conducted during the course of shooting reconstruction classes presented by the author, some downward deflection of hollow point bullets in particular has been observed. If the bullet fragments, using the secondary impact point of even large fragments (i.e. bullet cores) results in only a rough approximation of vertical trajectory. Test firing under circumstances similar to those of the shooting is always recommended as part of the reconstruction effort.
Even when the vertical trajectory angle cannot be reliably determined, all is not lost. The lateral (side to side) angle is frequently a major consideration in shooting reconstructions involving shots fired through windshields, particularly in officer-involved shootings. The question as to justification of use of lethal force is often, erroneously or not, tied to whether or not the lateral trajectory angle of one or more shots puts the officer in front of the vehicle. Being able to reliably predict the lateral trajectory angle can be a crucial aspect of a shooting reconstruction in and of itself.
Lateral angle determination using the long axis of a bullet hole
Due to the slant of an automobile windshield (on the order of 30 degrees), bullets fired straight on produce oval holes. Oval bullet holes in windshields with a more or less vertical long axis are indicative of a shot fired directly in front of the vehicle. When the long axis is canted to the left or the right of vertical, a shot at a corresponding angle to the left or right is indicated. These concepts are summarized below.
Figure 1. Bullet hole produced in a windshield by a shot directly from the vehicle front as indicated by a vertical long axis for the hole.
Figure 2. Bullet hole produced in a windshield by a shot from the side of the vehicle as indicated by an angle to the right of vertical for the long axis.
Figure 3. Overhead view of bullet trajectory through windshield ? the lateral angle is equivalent to the inclination angle (can't) of the long axis of the bullet hole.
A method for determining the angle of inclination for the long axis of a bullet hole is illustrated below. The edge of a steel ruler is aligned with the long axis of the bullet hole. A protractor in then aligned with the base parallel to the plane of the front of the vehicle. The resultant angle is then read off the protractor. In this example the angle is 17 degrees to the right (the numbers on the protractor appear reversed since they are imprinted on the inner side). This then equates to a lateral angle of 17 degrees toward the passenger side of the windshield.
In numerous test firings conducted by the author during the course of shooting reconstruction classes, the reliability of this technique has been demonstrated. As with any such measurement involved in a shooting reconstruction, this is an approximation and should not be represented as an exact measurement. In the author's experience results within plus or minus 5 degrees are typical.
In the event that a circular bullet hole is produced in a slanted windshield, the vertical component of the trajectory angle had to be approximately equal to the slant of the windshield. The windshield slant should be determined using an angle gauge placed at the mid-center of the windshield (the area below the inside rear view mirror).
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