Saturday, June 29, 2013


As it is clear in Zapruder frame 305, Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman is touching his left cheek before the fatal head shots at Z 313.  As per noted author Vince Palamara, Secret Service Agents did not have ear pieces at the time (Croft photo confirms this point).  Kellerman was not talking on the limo radio either.  In my conclusion, IMHO, Kellerman is reacting to something that hit his cheek.  I believe that it was either fragments of bullet or glass from the front shot through the windshield.  What if it was a sonic shock wave sound that caused him to reach for his cheek or ear?  It would have been a very delayed reaction because he had already turned to his left and looked back at the President and SS Agent Greer who was driving and then faced forward again to touch his cheek?.  His reaction by touching his cheek or ear could have only come from a sonic shock wave caused by the front shot through the windshield.  Or it was caused by another shot taken at the President before Z313, which came from another sniper source other than Oswald, and it again proves a conspiracy.  Or was the sonic shock wave caused by the windshield exploding?  Sounding like a firecracker which 80 people claimed to hear in Dealey Plaza that day?

Add to this, Gil Jesus' photo analysis of Connally flinching to his left before turning to his right and being hit by a shot.  IMHO, Connally flinched to his left as a bullet went right over his left shoulder from the front shot through the windshield. Coupled with the reactions of JFK to the throat entrance wound, the testimony of the medical and other witnesses at Parkland and Bethesda to the throat entrance wound, we can add two people in the limousine reacting to the front shot through the limo windshield.

As a graduate of NYU with a masters in City Planning, I am applying for a City of Dallas permit for Dealey Plaza to conduct an experiment with a topographic laser.  Please write to me at to join me in this endeavor. 

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