Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dr. Ronald Jones' OUTSTANDING confirmation of the front entrance wound on Face The Nation 11/17/2013

At 3:40 of the video above, Dr. Ronald Jones, chief surgical resident at Parkland Hospital on 11/22/1963, and now Chairman of Surgery at Baylor University made a staggering admission in a rather innocent conversation on Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer on the 11/17/2013 show when he stated, “I saw a small hole in the President’s throat about ¼ of an inch…before Dr. Perry made a tracheotomy in the wound in the throat”.  Dr. Jones attested to the fact that Drs. Carrico and Perry were both in Trauma Room One with him working on the President after the assassination attempt.  

 Dr. Carrico attested to the wound collar surrounding the entrance wound in the throat when he said, "(wound collars to entrance wounds are found on ALL entrance wounds) AS THEY ALWAYS ARE" TO HAROLD WEISBERG.  See my previous post below.

Dr. Jones attests to the "small wound in the throat about 1/4 of an inch."


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