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 Bill Newman testified that the “shots” came from BEHIND US “over our heads”.  Bill Newman did testify on television immediately after the assassination that he believed that the first shot at the President was the one that caused JFK to “jump up in his seat”.  Then he said, “I don’t know who was hit first.”  That is a strange comment because in the Z film, first, Kennedy is obviously hit first before Connally, and second, if Bill Newman stated in his first interview(s) that there were two shots (with one being the fatal head shot) then how could he be questioning “who was hit first.” (?)

Nevertheless, Bill Newman said about the FIRST SHOT AT THE PRESIDENT, “I think it came from the same location (both the first and third shot came from behind Bill Newman).”  Newman stated that both of the shots came from behind him on “knoll”.

Bill Newman is a very powerful witness to the JFK Assassination.  He stood only 10 to 15 feet from the President at the moment of the fatal head shot.  Newman said, “I think it (first shot) came from the same location (as the 2nd and fatal head shot).” The “it” that he is referring to is the first shot that hit the President in the throat.  The “same location” is that he is referring to are both of the (2) shots that hit the President which he says came from behind him at “the same location” on the “knoll”.   The only doubt from Newman is that he says “I think it came from the same location.”  It is a doubt, but it is very hard to refute his claim….HOWEVER,

This is an interview of the Newmans on television.

This is a first and second interview in the studio with Bill Newman and his wife Gayle at WFAA TV with Jay Watson (the Newmans change seating after 1st interview);
In the both interviews, Jay Watson stands and then pulls in a chair to sit, but Bill & Gayle Newman exchange seats.  Why did Watson have to re-create for television his movement to pull in a chair to the interview?  He did it twice.  Was Watson attempting to create television scenarios that could be spliced together and used for some other purpose? It appears to be very odd behavior.  But it does seem to be choreographed.

During the above interview, Bill Newman states that he bases his belief that the first shot at the President came from behind him because:

Newman states in the interview, “I base that (the first shot) primarily on the third shot, from what I saw of the side of the President’s head coming off, and from the sound of the rifle, the report of the rifle.”  Both Bill & Gayle Newman state that the first shot sounded like a “firecracker”.  Gayle Newman said that she thought both a firecracker going off and the President rearing up in his seat were both a “gag” by the President.  She stated that the whole thing was a “gag” by the President.

Further, Bill Newman was 10 to 15 feet from the President when JFK was hit at Z313.  His testimony is vital to this paper, this case and the conspiracy being proven.

Unfortunately, Bill Newman makes two statements that discount his eyewitness testimony.  The first one is (noted above) where he says that he bases his testimony of the direction of the first shot at JFK from the wound that he witnessed to the President’s head coming from the third shot.  It is not an a priori statement of fact from Bill Newman that the first shot came from behind both he and his wife, in and of itself.  His reliance on where the third shot came from to locate in his mind and words where the first shot came from lends his testimony to being questionable.

Second, in interviews years later, Mr. Newman states that the first two shots came as, “(he pounds his fist twice) boom, boom, like that.” (Jesse Ventura; TruTv interview) He infers that the shots came one on top of the other in time and sound.  Then, in the same Ventura interview, Bill Newman states that a third shot was fired when the presidential limousine came right in front of his family Z313.  In his initial interviews on November 22, 1963, he repeatedly stated that there was only two shots.

Unfortunately, in comparison with her husband’s testimony, Mrs. Gayle Newman, during her first interview immediately after the assassination, stated that JFK was hit with the first shot and Governor Connally was hit by the second shot.  She then stated that JFK was hit in the head with a third shot. When Gayle Newman is interviewed in a complete interview, she is alone and holding her son James who has removed his jacket. Bill Newman stated in another television interview take with Jay Watson on that day of the assassination that he wasn’t sure who got hit first. One can tell that it is another take of an interview because both Newman and his wife have exchanged children and one of his children has removed his jacket.

 [Many years later, Bill Newman stated that the first two shots, (“boom, boom… from Ventura interview) hit both JFK and Connally]Bill Newman bases his initial statement of the first shot location on the third shot location.  However, a second shot hitting Connally in his back is impossible from the “knoll” area.  Unfortunately in a later interview at WFAA-TV in the office area of the station and not in the studio, Bill Newman stated unequivocally that he had only heard two shots and not three:  Newman states that one shot hit the President, then there was about “ten seconds” and then the second shot hit the President.  During the office area interview, the commentator Jay Watson stated again immediately to Bill Newman that he had heard three shots.  As the interview moved back to the studio, Gayle Newman is interviewed.  She has switched children with her husband and she is now holding James who has removed his jacket (James).  Gayle Newman states that she heard and saw three shots.  The first shot hit Kennedy, the second shot hit Connally and the third shot hit Kennedy in his head.

Unfortunately, in two separate interview years later (neither being the Ventura interview), Bill Newman again in both interviews discusses the third shot being at the President’s head, even though he only discusses two shots at his interviews on the day of the assassination.

The most difficult part of Bill Newman’s testimony is that he states that he used the third shot hitting the President in the temple as a reason for stating that the first shot came from the same location as well.  He uses the third shot to justify where the first shot must have come from that day.  It isn’t as if he is absolutely sure that the first shot came from the knoll area.  He just thinks it did because of where and what the third shot did to the president’s head when it hit him in the temple.

Author’s note:  The interviewing techniques of Jay Watson of WFAA TV that day are suspicious.  The repetitive method that Watson employed were very strange.  For example, Watson said three times to Bill Newman that he (Newman) was under the viaduct, that there were shots from different directions, that Newman was on the grass (Newman corrected him that they were on the curb) and that there were three shots fired at the President.  All the time Newman was stating that there were only two shots at the President.  Watson seemed to be discouraged in his facial demeanor every time Newman corrected him that he had only heard two shots.  Watson also seemed to be discouraged each time Newman corrected him that he and his family were on the curb of Elm Street.  What is more striking is the facial expression of grave disappointment by Watson each time Bill Newman stated that the shots fired at JFK came from ONLY behind him and nowhere else.  This point along with the repeated interviews of Newman at the station and asking them the same questions with the same inferences and leading guidance towards an answer that he (Watson) wanted seems to illustrate that Watson was looking to elicit a response from the Newmans rather than affording them the opportunity to tell their story.  Perhaps he was repetitively interviewing them and suggesting responses to get the Newmans confused so that he could guide them into a different answer or to discredit them completely (?)  Please watch the interviews to discern your own opinion.

In another examination of Bill Newman’s words in his TV interviews, it appears that he states that JFK was looking over to his right hand side after he was hit by the first shot ~ as Newman states, “To see who shot at him.”  In the TV docudrama Trail of Lee Harvey Oswald, Newman is asked to point and draw a blue line to and surrounding the position where he believed that a shot was fired at the President.  Newman drew a half moon at an area to the direct behind where Abraham Zapruder was filming.  Neither Zapruder nor his secretary Marilyn Sitzman stated that a shot came from either their own left or right hand side behind them.  However, immediately after the fatal shot was fired at JFK, Jean Hill testified to the Warren Commission that after the assassination she watched a man running from the Texas School Book Depository towards the picket fence area. This would have been behind Zapruder and Sitzman and where Newman stated he heard shots coming from.  This may be a red herring, but this photo below shows another man in a plaid shirt running behind the picket fence from the concrete structure behind Zapruder and Sitzman immediately after the fatal head shot was fired.

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