Sunday, November 10, 2013


Outstanding new confirmable evidence that during the assassination, Lee Bowers saw the muzzle flash and gun smoke!  The gun smoke immediately waffed into Elm Street and was captured on film by the Weigman photos!  PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW ON THE TRAVEL CHANNEL / and other channels.

Marrs and Baker recreated the grassy knoll shooter (helmet / hat man) firing from the parallel fence to elm street.  Forget Badgeman! THE PUFF OF SMOKE CAPTURED BY WEIGMAN PHOTO IN CIRCLE BELOW & HELMET / HAT MAN SNIPER SEEN IN THE MOORMAN PHOTO (below Weigman photo) BY THE TREE BEHIND THE THREE MEN ON THE GRASSY KNOLL.  Lee Bower view of the sniper is the final photo below.  CONTRARY TO BLUE RECTANGLE COMMENTARY (LEE BOWERS DID SEE A SHOOTER, PUFF OF SMOKE AND "FLASH" (MUZZLE FLASH) IN THE BLUE RECTANGLE!  IT PROVES THE GRASSY KNOLL SHOOTER!

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